One simple tip to help you find the right software development partner

We often wonder why companies choose to outsource software development. In most cases, there are two reasons: firstly, lack of qualified specialists or no access to them, and secondly, cost optimization. While the first reason is sensible, the the later one, i.e. following only the financial criteria when choosing a service provider, might not bring positive results. Speaking from experience, we’ve had many inquiries from clients who have based their decision merely on the price. They’ve entrusted their idea to companies offering the lowest quotes or to freelancers and in the end, this has cost them more than money: they’ve lost a chance to launch their business in the right moment. I think all of you will agree with me in that aspect. Those companies simply forget about end users and their satisfaction.

Why developers must understand SEO

Applications and webpages can fulfill a wide range of functions, from simple sources of information to advanced user interfaces. However, no matter what purpose your app or webpage is supposed to serve, it should be easy to find online and that depends on SEO on-page optimization. What’s more, you need to think about SEO right at the start of creating a website or an app because well-planned SEO will save you advertising costs later on.

How to work better with GitFlow

In software development, version control is absolutely critical. Without a solid version control system, you’re just undermining all the hard work that goes into any development project. At XSolve, we’ve been using Git for version control for several years now. Having tested it in a variety of scenarios, including back-end and mobile apps, and thanks to our close collaboration with clients, we’ve developed our own best practice ways of working with Git. In this post, we’ll show you the standard Git-Flows we’ve created and now use as standard.


How to store a request body in Redis

Business requirements are constantly evolving. We know this well and we try hard to take this into account while implementing projects for our customers. But hey, these are just words, what do they mean in real life? My aim in this post is to show you how we implemented a feature in a way that made it genuinely agile and ready for further extensions and future changes.

white labeling problem

What is white-labeling and why it can pose a serious threat to your business?

You may not have realized but white-labeling is a wide-spread problem in software development. In this post, we outline why it can be problematic for your next web project as well as present an alternative solution you might want to consider, namely the split-agency model.

AwiftAPI iOS library

Explore SwiftAPI – XSolve’s Open Source iOS Networking Library

Nowadays, almost every mobile application connects to a server in order to exchange data. This is a key consideration at the beginning of any project: the developer must decide whether to write a native manager, which app will use to connect with API or opt for one of the heavy libraries and use a small percentage of its capabilities. We decided to create our own library and after over two months of work, finally, we can introduce SwiftAPI, our first iOS library.

PHP Saleseforce Integration

How to integrate Salesforce REST API with PHP? Open-source library

In the recent months, we had an influx of clients asking us if it is possible to outsource a project to us putting a special emphasis on integration with the globally recognized Salesforce CRM system used by them. Obviously, we’re not afraid of challenges and this kind of integration is not a problem for us; however, we’ve noticed that the existing PHP solutions do not meet our standards as they have been written in technologies which have simply become obsolete.


How To Build A Tesla Car For The Price Of A Chevrolet

Find out how estimating your software needs can help you make the right decisions and positively affect your business. And whether you need an 18-wheel truck to drive your children to school.

Who is a QA Engineer

QA Engineer: The Secret Weapon of Dev Teams

Historically speaking, there used to be two distinct jobs titles: Software Quality Control and Software Quality Assurance. The former meant testing software in order to detect the already existing errors, while the latter referred mainly to preventing the errors by means of testing and improving the very process of software creation.

XSolve recognised among Top Web Developers in Poland 2017

Washington-based B2B research company Clutch has listed XSolve among fifteen Polish market leaders in web development for the third time.

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