A few months ago we had published an article on how to create an agile office describing our philosophy behind creating our new HQ. The response to the article was overwhelming. We’ve seen a surge of job applications as well as huge interest from current clients and prospects with walking and virtual tours around our agile workspace. If you’re curious, you can explore a photo gallery on our Flickr. CEO’s, CTO’s and Founders from other companies also asked about the furniture and equipment we used in the office and hey, we’ve decided to share it with the world.

You can download the document below. Inside you will find everything, from tiles in the kitchen to conference tables and even the TV screens we use in the agile office with handy links to take you directly to the store we sourced the goods from. The design concept was fully developed by our sister company Chilid, which specializes in high-end web design. Their team has an incredible eye for detail (not only in web design) and the proof is right there. We hope you will find the list useful when searching for inspiration for your new workspace. No email or data sharing required on your part. Just click and open!

agile office furniture list download


Apart from a great response from the outside world, we were concerned the most with our team. Just to be sure we’ve done things right, we carried out a survey of our employees and here a few stats to give you an overview of what they said:

  • 76,6% people claim that communication with clients and remote development team members have improved dramatically thanks to the office design. With one room per every two teams and two conference rooms, it’s easy to find a quiet comfortable space away from the hubbub of the office. Also, good teleconferencing equipment helps to improve the comfort of communication.
  • 80,9% of staff surveyed claim that the agile office had improved the communication within their team. Teams are now able to sit together, thanks to the large open concept space as well as socialize in our recreational spaces.
  • 71,9% employes say that the new office had an impact on increasing their productivity. Among the most frequently mentioned factors they list working in a bright open concept space, multiple computer screens at every desk with adjustable monitor handle kits as well as… Chaos Room (our playroom).
  • More than 85% of employees surveyed claim that the open concept space has a very positive impact on the internal information flow.
  • Almost 80% of people noticed that custom desks (large workspace plus retracted middle leg) had a positive effect on work comfort. Employees especially appreciate more space to work as well as ease of joining colleagues at their desks e.g. for pair programming or during tests on multiple devices.

Of course, there are still many things we need to work on but we wouldn’t call our workspace the agile office if we weren’t open to changing requirements.

We hope you will get the positive results we are experiencing thanks to the change in the work environment. Drop us a line if you have any further questions!

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