XSolve has decided to create a tool called DevDash, which is a software project dashboard. This is a fast and simple way to gather all data that make your work in a software project easy, transparent and efficient.

Based on 12-year-long experience with software development, we’ve realized that the most popular project management tools, like Jira, Trello or Asana, have some serious flaws which negatively impact on the process of software development. Many times, our customers complained that they did not have an overall view of the software projects’ realization. Thus, taking into consideration our experience with Agile, Scrum and lean methodology, we’ve decided to build a digital tool that effectively helps our customers to manage the development of their products. This tool is called DevDash – created to provide an instant, wide and clear view of the product development process.

The idea

“For me, DevDash is like a car dashboard while driving a car. I instantly and constantly see the most important parameters of my projects. Where they currently are, what is their quality, what the progress looks like in relation to the plan or how the scope of work has changed. It helps me run the company as I see first-hand information and avoid risks. With DevDash I can see which part of a company might go along a bumpy road and where I may help most efficiently”, says Piotr Majchrzak, CEO at XSolve.

What is DevDash?

DevDash is a software project management tool driven by Lean Software Development Principles made to improve communication and transparency between Development Team, Scrum Master, Product Owner and Stakeholders. Most importantly, thanks to this transparency, every decision in the project is based on data which reflects its current state. DevDash helps to maintain balance between code quality and quantity of implemented functionalities. It has its impact on eliminating technical debt in the system, which happens very often in various IT projects. On the other hand, Product Owner has current information about the budget left and the scope of the work carried out which enables him or her to react quickly in the way of keeping up the needs and plan which can be changed at any time.

All in one place

It’s super easy to use DevDash because it’s made for you. You don’t need to have multiple accounts and knowledge about how to work with each external system used to develop software or project management, which is mostly quite complicated. DevDash, through integration with Atlassian JIRA, Atlassian Confluence, Basecamp, HipChat or GitHub, gives you a quick view of the scope of work, task progress, budget, team’s efficiency parameters, timelines and deadlines in the simplest way possible in one place.

The features

You can watch statistics and analyze data nearly wherever you want. On your desktop, tablet or on your own phone. You can track your projects to make sure everything is okay.

Project and release status – everything in DevDash, logged time in Jira, budget, reports, GitHub code and many more are automatically processed and instantly displayed to you. Make sure you are still on the road.

Project and release summary – a quick view of estimations, tasks done and the amount of tasks added during the project or release. You are always up to date with the status of your projects.

Schedule – milestones, releases or sprints you can find on the timeline. You have all the dates in one place, so there are no more bad surprises.

Code quality – in just one look, you get information about you code quality. You don’t need to be familiar with GitHub or developer tools that analyze code.

Actions and threats – on the list of actions and threats you can see if something requires your attention. There is also a risk list, so no more worry about the future.

Project team – a quick look at the team section gives you insight about all members engaged in the project. What they look like with contact details, so you can easily call or mail the team.

Gain even more from DevDash, because finally DevDash users gain transparency and predictability of the whole software development process. No more bad surprises, no more wasting time and money. Make a good decision that matters. Watch a 1 min. 30 sec. demo of DevDash.

DevDash is free to use for as long as you are one of XSolve Clients.

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