For the last 14 years, XSolve has been helping companies from around the world to develop software. We do that by providing dedicated development teams focused on the business goals of our clients. We don’t build products for clients – we make these products with our clients, together.

This unique approach distinguishes us and helps us mark our presence on the market. Yes, we are an outsourcing company. But we don’t merely provide outsourcing for the software. We offer development teams of passionate programmers who have been working with each other for years. We provide our process, based on agile and lean startup. We provide our readiness to dig into our client’s business needs to truly understand them, and we do that by using various tools including event storming, impact mapping, design thinking and many more. So, who we are?

We are a software company with a proven record of successfully developed products

In the past 14 years, we have helped almost 70 clients from 18 countries. We worked for companies from the U.S., Europe, Middle-East and Asia. During these years, our dedicated software teams were involved in 200 projects for clients representing various sectors and industries: energy and natural resources, business services, e-commerce, media, and many more. We have worked with companies whose products are reshaping local and global markets, such as BlaBlaCar, Takamol or Sonnen.

>>Would you like to know with whom we worked? Check our work and case studies

We code with passion in top-notch languages

XSolve’s real strength has always been based on people. People whose passion is to make incredible products through custom software development. And when you have more than 100 XSolvers on deck you know you can achieve big things with that kind of crew. Of course, knowing the latest and relevant technologies also helps and we know the best of them. On the backend, we code in PHP, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, and Symfony. On the front, we use Angular.JS and React.JS. We also do mobile – because why not?

>>Check our services page and see what we offer or just visit our Software Development Team page for more detailed info

We are recognized, and we like it

When you are on the market for almost a decade and a half, when you have completed a couple of hundred successful projects, and you have worked with dozens of companies globally, it is natural to be recognized. And we are. listed XSolve among the Top Web Developers in Poland 2018, Top B2B Companies in Poland in 2018, and Top Software Developers in Poland 2018.

Too many “Top”s? Perhaps, but there is a story behind them, written by our clients:

XSolve treats the customer portal as their product, and this resulted in the high quality of their work.

– Norbert Baumann, VP for R&D, Sonnen

I discovered a group of creative, intelligent, thoughtful individuals who wanted to make something great together.

– Roger Dreher, Project manager, TelSpan, Inc.

XSolve understood quickly what kind of technical challenges we had – sometimes better than our own people.

– Vivien Roduit, Founder, EZYcount

>> For more you can visit the XSolve Clutch Profile

We are also honored to be listed on the latest Inc. 5000 (European edition) which ranks XSolve among the fastest-growing private companies on the Old Continent. In just five years, we have doubled our staff, and in three years our revenue has increased by 100%. All of that led us to the Inc. 5000 (you can learn more about our growth in the article XSolve on the Inc. 5000 list – our journey in numbers).

This is XSolve. Our teams help you reach business goals

So, who we are? We are an IT company with 14 years of experience, more than 100 people working for us, engaged in software development for clients from around the world. We code, we make digital products, and we love it.

Too many words and life is way too short? Check out the infographic we have prepared for you:

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