If you’re interested in this guide that means you are seriously thinking about introducing change in your organisation or possibly, you already have gone through a transformation. Congratulations, you are at the forefront of inevitable change.

The AI revolution is pushing all companies to strive for an organizational cultures that support high-order thinking among their employees. That organizational culture and business environment must allow the flesh and blood workforce to thrive, be innovative, emotionally engaged and act quickly, undisturbed by the bureaucracy of top-down management systems.

Here at XSolve we always believed in a culture of self-organization, transparency, collaboration and accountability. But we knew that in order to stay in the game we needed to become even more innovative, even faster and more agile. Thus as the company founder and serial change catalyst, I researched all available new management concepts. Holacracy was the one that struck a chord: a selfmanagement practice focused on allowing maximum agility to all employees sounded like a good idea.

We started the transformation in September 2017. Now, just over three months after the ratification of our constitution, we want to share with you our holacratic structure so far. In this guide you will find a blueprint of our company: the structure of the circles, description of all roles, and the full set of policies formed so far.

This guide aims to serve three main purposes. Firstly, if you have never worked in a holacratic organisation before you can better understand what holacracy is in practice. Secondly, if you now have a holacratic system, you can get inspired when forming new circles, roles or policies for your company. Finally, in the future, it will act as a journal describing the change that XSolve went through thanks to holacracy. We hope to publish an updated Holacracy Guide every three months, giving you the latest snapshot of our organization.

Warning! We are at the early stage of holacracy and thus we are not experts. Our structure is not perfect (and by design it never will be). However, especially at this stage, the roles and their accountabilities need work and the policies are too few – this is a work in progress. But the beauty of holacracy is exactly that: constant change is possible and necessary. Your company is always a work in progress and it should be! Be fast, change fast, let the people do their job! Enjoy this snapshot of our organisational structure.

Download the Holacracy Practitioner Guide here.

>>> If you want to find out more about the reasons behind Holacracy adoption at XSolve check out the article Holacracy: why it’s a good idea to share the power.

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