Every single business can benefit from the “people-first” rule, right? In the age of outsourcing, this is absolutely true. You can hire a bunch of random backlog cleaners or a carefully-selected team that brings exceptional business and technological value to your project. But how do you recognize the latter? At XSolve we put people first in a few very special ways –  caring for their self-development and work satisfaction.

Let me explain this with a simple example. Imagine driving a regular van or a pickup. It’s a bit rusty, kind of outdated, but it’s generally OK – for sure it fulfils its function. Now, let’s switch to a brand new Tesla 3 packed with the latest technology that is completely changing the driving experience. See the difference?

That’s why we value self-development, motivation, care and working comfort in building up a team of developers to benefit your business and particular ongoing projects.

How exactly do we do that? Let’s take a closer look.

The XSolve DNA – company values

Collective mindset over individualism. Courage and faith for ambitious goals. Praise for achievements, lessons from mistakes. Higher-than-average readiness for feedback. Creative workspace. Drive for innovation. Taking responsibility and helping to build a transparent organization.

These are not ancient prophecies or a rap song lyrics. Not even a corporate manual (after all, we are not a corporation). That’s how we see our five key values that frame this fantastic adventure called XSolve: cooperation, development, trust, openness and responsibility.

This “checklist” defines our identity as coworkers, startup culture lovers, business partners, tech freaks and lifelong learners. All of this under one roof. And a key takeaway for you here should be to find out if you follow the same compass as we do. If the answer is “yes”, welcome home.

All of the international companies we work with, like BlaBlaCar (take a look at our cooperation case study), Takamol, Slimpay, Agnitio, Ionoview and many others, share this unique set of work ethics and we’re proud to help them change the world through technology.

Work Satisfaction Heroes –  support and feedback culture

You know when you work on something really hard and all of a sudden a bunch of obstacles comes to ruin your day? That’s the moment to take a break. But what’s the point if you come back and nothing has changed?

We found the way out of this situation by creating a team role called “Work Satisfaction Hero” within the People Team that keeps an eye on our employees’ happiness and development. The whole concept of this particular position comes from the Holacracy approach that we adopted in the company six months ago. It is all about XSolvers sharing feedback on how they feel about their work (whether it’s technical issues in the development process or workflow pitfalls). This process is designed to help people address and solve their tensions and to share positive recognition if they feel it’s right to do so.

Anyone in an organization can take the role of Work Satisfaction Hero. It could be a developer, a scrum master, someone from the People Team or any other person who’s keen on supporting their colleagues on a daily basis.

Why is it important from a business perspective? The overall success of the project strongly depends on the team’s work ethic and on the ability to instantly match its mindset with the client’s business objectives. Thanks to the Work Satisfaction Heroes at Xsolve, we can fix all potential clashes and focus more on effective cooperation and the development process with you, the client.

Tech mentoring

High-quality software development projects embracing the latest technologies require a particular set of skills in the team you are about to hire.

However, the typical dev team consists of professionals with various levels of expertise (teams with only highly experienced members are rare and extremely expensive). However, this mix is a good thing because fresh blood can bring new perspectives.

The central question is: how to balance the team to ensure the required delivery?

At XSolve, we’ve added another secret ingredient to make our teams’ self-development even more extensive: tech mentoring.

In fact, it is way easier to form a team for a client’s technologically ambitious project by mapping and mastering our in-house skills. We can do that thanks to our mentoring program in which team members with higher seniority help less experienced ones, motivate them, and help them to discover the latest trends.

As a side note – once in a while XSolvers are promoted due to tech mentors’ recommendations! That allows us to assign more experienced devs to upcoming projects.

More than just salary – perks & benefits

Spinach cocktails, workation in the Bahamas, morning Kundalini sessions… this is quite a fancy pants way of boosting human potential, isn’t it? And you may ask yourself: “do you guys actually work?”

Here at XSolve, we feel like there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, as long as the offered benefits correspond with the real needs of XSolvers and our company values. Speaking of the perks that we cherish, and which unite us as a team, small, everyday rituals like company dinners, a quick round of table soccer, or watching Star Wars in our little cinema in the office all do the trick for motivation and creativity.

But of course, we also make use of benefits that help us develop our competencies:

  • Self-development fund – technology evolves so fast, that if we want to (and yes, we do!) stand at the forefront of quality software craftsmanship, there’s no other way but to invest money in self-improvement. Any XSolver can enroll for the technical course of their choice, buy books, gain certificates or attend international conferences to level up their coding or business skills.
  • Flexible hours – different chronotypes are scientifically proven with people’s comfort and productivity being affected by keeping different hours. We love to work with night owls as well as early birds (and this is not only about our clients based in the US).
  • Remote work when necessary – if our developers have to change the landscape to refresh their minds or need their puppy around to write better code, then it’s our gain!

This kind of approach benefits our people in many ways. XSolve gives them time and opportunity to master both hard and soft skills; from machine learning and coding to interpersonal communication. They can learn new things, and that really pays off when it comes to partner our clients in their new digital endeavors.

Space, space everywhere!

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there’s one more game changer here. Agile is fundamental for what we do – we follow agile practices in development, we use SaaS tools that support agility. “OK, many businesses do it nowadays,” you may say. Exactly!

That’s why we decided to take our agility to a whole new level. How? By designing an Agile Office. Our goal was simple: to make the new space enhance our creativity, facilitate the workflow and strengthen productivity.

Plug & work terminals enable our developers to move around and change teams in minutes easily. Customized desks with a retracted middle leg make pair programming way easier. Screens everywhere and walls covered with wipe-clean paint help us visualize (even the craziest) ideas and share crucial data. Noise-absorbing panels and proper telecom equipment in conference rooms improve the quality of calls and remote meetings. Quiet spaces are accessible to anybody who needs to focus.

I could go on with a long list of such examples (all of them are described in detail in our e-book “How to create an Agile Office: The Definitive Guide”), but basically… That’s where the magic happens.

Sharing is caring: community-wide knowledge exchange

The MICE industry itself is huge, and there are loads of IT events out there. As we are keen on exchanging knowhow with a community of skillful IT professionals, we strongly encourage our team members to speak publicly, network at local and international events to show the world what they have, and gain the best technical insights in return. Visibility, expertise, and authentic community engagement – this is what drives us forward. So far we’ve had:

  • 783 attendees at events organized by XSolvers like FrontClub, XLAB workshops, Holacracy Practitioners Meetups, and so on.
  • 10+ speakers at frontend/backend conferences in Poland/CEE.
  • 3287 slide views of our tech and business presentations.

Thanks to these actions, we have the opportunity to promote the XSolve startup culture, discuss the hottest tech topics and learn a lot from them! Wait a minute… Haven’t we met on Web Summit before?

We understand that continuous access to the best knowhow on the market allows XSolvers not only to satisfy their hunger for improvement but also to use it in practice while refining the quality of code we craft every day.

Work hard, play hard – building team spirit after hours

Culture fit is no less important than competencies match.  That’s why we celebrate commercial successes together and hang out with each other after work (or while taking a break from work).

There are plenty of occasions to do so: yearly company retreats with a strong focus on teambuilding, company celebrations like XSolve Birthday Parties or Christmas meetings with the XSolve Awards for the most dedicated Values Keepers, Bullshit Killers, Evangelists or Team Builders in the company.

XSolve is greatly supportive of casual initiatives, including not only our team members but also the clients who visit us from time to time for workshops or join us live for the final deployment of their product. There’s always room for informal chats and a more personal touch – everything that builds trust, and helps our mutual understanding and good vibes, counts.

Many might not consider this to be an issue, but I hope we’re on the same page. The average standoffish atmosphere, lack of commitment and personal connection between business partners affects the overall results of any cooperation. So let’s just avoid that!

Wrapping up

The simplest way to avoid poor performance, delays in development or chronic headaches while working with a remote team is to choose the right partner that meets your needs regarding cultural fit, skills stack and business values.

As a matter of fact, thanks to all of the initiatives mentioned above, we have managed to create a software development company where 100+ talented people with a great team spirit meet to help our clients craft some of the top web and mobile products on the market. We have 164 successful products so far, and counting.

I hope you have been inspired by these few examples. All of them are meant to be building up our team as your team.

Have any comments or want to ask something? Go ahead; we would love to hear from you!

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