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XSolve and Chilid, two sister companies working under one roof and cooperating on a regular basis, have become Boldare.

Boldare offers the best of XSolve and Chilid: human centered digital products, with stable and secure software.

Boldare capitalizes on XSolve and Chilid’s 14 years of experience, the 250 products they released to market for clients worldwide, and the skills of the 130-people-strong team they employed.

Boldare is a digital product design and development company and a guide on the digital transformation journey.


Why we merged?

Because 1 + 1 = 3

Discover the story of human-centered software development.

Discover the story of Boldare.

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XSolve and Chilid have merged to become Boldare, a digital product design and development company.

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1 + 1 = 3

Discover the story of Boldare and learn more about our merger.

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user story

User Stories – a surprisingly handy conflict navigation tool

Probably everyone reading this blog heard about the User Story. But how many people here have actually read Mike Cohn’s “User Stories Applied“? Not so many hads in the air...

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Product Canvas – from idea to a software product

The path leading to a quote can be frustrating – lots of emails, phone calls, meetings, descriptions and in the end you have to create project documentation because no...

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cooperation culture

Culture of co-op, or nothing to hide

In addition to competencies, skills and costs, culture is also important and we should take this into consideration.  That’s why we still talk about culture of life, culture of entrepreneurship,...

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custom e-commerce platform

Special e-commerce for special business

Some software development houses seem to follow a vision that the only person who sees the Client and their environment is a sales person or a project manager. They seem...

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MySQL, software development, Symfony2, developers, software engineering, like, soundex, match against, full text searching

Full text searching in Symfony2

Generally, while working with simple search engines programmers have to anticipate issues involving users’ typos and mistakes. In this article I would like to present, compare and contrast three...

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facts and myths about Agile

Several facts and myths about Agile

As a manager supporting the work of organizations and teams (for instance, Scrum Master), on a daily basis you make decisions in a complex environment. You have little time,...

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