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When a Scrum team tastes Kanban – Part One

The hero of this story is a group of 15 people (quite a lot for Scrum standards) building a complex e-commerce platform for a remote customer. Despite the size,...

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Face Validator: open source Symfony3 face detection bundle

Have you ever used an application to upload a profile picture? Sure you have. That picture then shows up with every reference to the user. In the systems we...

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Which technology is best for your product?

The choice of technologies for your emerging company is not an easy one and may be overwhelming. You must be willing to dive deep into the intricacy of software...

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Holacracy: The Journey Begins (VIDEO)

So it began. On 27 September 2017 Piotr Majchrzak has signed the declaration of Holacracy adoption, ultimately ceasing his power as the CEO at XSolve, and passing the decision-making...

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Choosing software development partner – the political and economic issues

Until recently, Poland was the global leader for outsourcing software development, but the latest trends indicate that the competition is growing. East-Central Europe, South Asia, and even Africa and...

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INFOGRAPHIC: How to create an Agile Office

A few months ago we wrote an article on how to create an agile office. It seems that you really liked our take on agile office and thus we decided to...

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Which software companies do other CIOs work with?

A personal recommendation from someone you trust can be the biggest factor when faced with a difficult purchasing decision. Imagine a friend saying to you, “Honestly, this is the...

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How to build trust in a growing company?

When you have a small company you probably know all of your co-workers quite well. At work, you sit together in one small space and you know exactly what...

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Great day at work? – the secret lies in what you eat for breakfast

Picture an ordinary day at work. People arrive in the office, attend the daily morning meetings, follow the same old routine. After an hour, some of them begin to...

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IoT begins at home

IoT is a domain of various appliance manufacturers, although technologically speaking, it’s still a pioneer field. I’d never thought that I would ever dabble in electronics, even as an...

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