Why are we so good at what we do? How do we share our expertise and support each other? How have we built a company you’d like to work with? Because of a bunch of great internal initiatives! This is part II of our list – let’s get started!

A while ago, we presented the first few internal projects that have really made a difference at XSolve, focusing on sharing knowledge, content and ideas, and upskilling each other. Those projects were:  the XSolve Tech blog, the Machine Learning Chapter and the Front Club!

Now, it’s time to reveal: Tech Mentoring, Hola Meetups, the Wellbeing Circle and Fridays with XSolve.

There’s no “I got stuck” here – Tech Mentoring

As XSolvers, we are all full-time learners. Together, we’ve built a strong knowledge-sharing culture here. And there’s no better time and place to learn from each other than throughout the working day at our beautiful (and inspiring) offices!

This especially applies to tech issues because tackling those boosts our skills as software developers.

sharing knowledge

Isn’t it nice when everyone joins together to tackle the crucial issue of personal development from the employee point of view, providing learning opportunities and challenging one another technologically? (63% of software developers see it as the 2nd most important factor for job satisfaction, right after salary!)

When it’s not a race, and you don’t have to compete with your colleagues, but can focus on individual development instead – that’s perfect. And that is what our Tech Mentoring program is all about.

What does it include? Coding best practices like SOLID, OOP, practical use of software design patterns, code review in commercial projects, refactoring and much more! Also, during mentoring sessions we talk about organizational issues, question current project concerns, and learn about new trends in programming, methodologies, and libraries etc. The aim is to always be up to date!

As a mentee, you identify, together with a more experienced colleague, the areas which need to be covered and in which you want to develop further. This then becomes a key element of your individual career path.

>> Visit our Career site to check your development opportunities at XSolve!

sharing knowledge


Tech mentoring is organized as a regular series of 1:1 meetings. If you feel in need of help, you can be a mentee (it’s mainly for juniors and mids who want to become seniors via a fast-track route) and you can count on honest and supportive feedback throughout.

If you are a senior, you can be a mentor for some of your colleagues – “from devs for devs” is our motto.

Sounds good? Well, one thing I can tell you, is that it works!

Thanks to our mentors’ recommendations, a group of our developers have been promoted overthe last few months to mid and senior roles.

Rethink the way you work – Holacracy Practitioners Meetup

XSolve and Chilid started implementing Holacracy in September last year. It was a big deal for the XSolvers and Chiliders. A game-changer.

We realized that the process of implementation of this self-management and no-managers system requires community and that we cannot limit ourselves to just our coaching partner and our own research and experiments for new knowledge.

Building a community, engaging with it, exchanging knowledge about the best practices for working with such a system and learning how to “do it well” with others who follow a similar, yet still unpopular, path, is extremely beneficial to both sides of the conversation.

sharing knowledge

Comparing our ideas around transparency at work, freedom to act and decide, tensions, roles, circles and processes opened our eyes to the reality of using holacracy worldwide.

We decided to start organizing events to both share what we have learnt by far, and learn from others. That’s how the Holacracy Practitioners Meetup was born.

We’ve organised three events so far, always with external guests. The aim is to build a large, international community of motivated people who are willing to question and rethink traditional organizational structures – inspiring and motivating each other to go even further with the teal/turquoise concept.

Don’t worry, be happy! – Well being

Imagine you can take a break from coding. Not necessarily to play PS4 but to breathe, chat with other people at work and feel their constant support in overcoming those obstacles that appear on a daily basis.

That’s what we are trying to do with the Wellbeing circle. How did it all begin? The People Team and Scrum Masters joined forces to ensure that all the issues related to the comfortable working and happiness – physical, mental, or even material (e.g. discussing salaries and benchmarking the market) – are taken care of.

Examples? Let’s start with the role of Work Satisfaction Guide. Everybody in the organization has their own. Who do you cooperate with the most? With whom you feel the strongest connection at work?

You choose this person, regardless of their “profession”, Scrum Master, fellow engineer, a People Team member etc.

sharing knowledge

It’s all about peer to peer feedback and solving problems right away, not sweeping them under the carpet.

What if a project does not meet your expectations? Or you lack development opportunities? Or you have concerns about benefits? Your WSG is your first port of call to deal with it.

As well as the WSGs, we keep on reviewing people’s morale and their willingness to recommend XSolve as a place to be. We research areas that could be improved. Once we identify them, it’s time to take action to make this company an even better place for everybody.

It’s Friday! – sharing knowledge before the weekend 

How many times have you wanted to share something as a subject matter expert or a hobbyist with the people you spend a third of your day with but you didn’t have the space for it?

Well, at XSolve we think differently. We give our people this space to talk, and share experiences and feelings. Anyone, including remotes, can volunteer to lead one of our weekly Friday meetings and share something important to them.

It could be a new Open Source project a developer has figured out, best practices to follow in your social media activities, a new library for JavaScript, or a complex technical issue that took our software development to the next level.

sharing knowledge

If you want to talk about something special and useful for your colleagues, just sign up for one of the coming Fridays with XSolve!

Or simply take your coffee, leave your laptop at your desk and come and listen to what the speaker has to say, then discuss it.

The benefits for the speakers? Not only the opportunity to share their , but also to get some public speaking practice (good preparation for giving excellent presentations). And for the audience, they get to engage with new thinking or knowledge.

So what would be your next topic for a Friday with XSolve?


As you can see, apart from our regular work focused on commercial software development projects for our clients, we do A LOT of different things here, and we love it!

If you feel like this is something you want to be a part of – JUMP TO OUR CAREER PAGE to know what the deal is and who are we looking for! Can’t wait to meet you.

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