Software development outsourcing is an investment that requires your money, time and effort to save your money, time and effort as a result. That’s why we must treat it as activity which is expected to deliver predictable benefits.

Working with a software development company in outsourcing environment is demanding, both sides should invest in the relation; developer’s Partner should ask if they are ready for it. The Partner should reserve time for conference calls with the developer, should prepare him- or herself for talking over the potentially problematic points (e.g. adding extra functionalities and impact on future sprints).  The Partner is the vital part of the process and the awareness of that should be there . That also means appointing a Product Owner on the Partner’s side, that will be achieved by talking with the development team and keeping a finger on the pulse of things.

Outsourcing is a complex investment, not just buying a ready-to-use thing. But Partners start with a ready-to-use team, and they head together to the designated point – a valuable software product. Therefore, there’s a strong need for special awareness and commitment from the both parties.


Such a venture requires something else than the Partner’s money. And the providers shouldn’t represent the ‘take-money-and-run’ approach. The Partner must take under consideration all factors: threats, risks, opportunities, and benefits. The  mature development team, with an experienced Product Owner ahead, should serve with all the already acquired knowledge and skills .

Below you can find the advantages of outsourced software development:

♦ Professional team. Self-organised, aware of the Partner’s business.

♦ Professional consulting: development with on-going notes and remarks regarding possible functionalities.

♦Dedicated project management. Every stage of emerging software has the attention of both Product Owner and Scrum Master; they also stay up-to-date with the Partner’s feedback.

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