How To Build A Tesla Car For The Price Of A Chevrolet

Find out how estimating your software needs can help you make the right decisions and positively affect your business. And whether you need an 18-wheel truck to drive your children to school.

DevDash logotype

DevDash – Software Project Dashboard

XSolve has decided to create a tool called DevDash, which is a software project dashboard. This is a fast and simple way to gather all data that make your work in a software project easy, transparent and efficient.

5 Things You Should Do To Avoid Risk In Software Development

It’s always a great moment at the beginning of cooperation on an IT project. The Team is motivated, you are full of enthusiasm, and everything’s gonna be alright. Can't you just dive in and achieve success?

What’s next or How different departments solve their problems

We often find ourselves in front of a wall. Having a problem which needs to be fixed, sometimes creates the need to take a shortcut. When do we practise this and where do we base on our own, original solutions? How do we behave facing a problem?

Every Client’s Dream – a PHP project finished under budget and before deadline. How to do it?

This case study proves that what used to seem impossible can come true. Thanks to the gained trust, skills had the opportunity to bloom wildly and the whole project was finished better than expected.

Tailored software and web design – two companies in a Group

Synergy – the keyword for opening the Sesame. Universe is full of positive power and it's rarely linked to ungrounded positive thinking a la Paolo Coelho. We're talking about front-end and back-end under one roof. We're talking about quality.

Competence Matrix – how to make team skills visible?

Competence Matrix is a tool that helps decrease risk to the product by exposing competencies concentrated within one person and enabling the Development Team to act on increasing cross-functionality.

User Stories – a surprisingly handy conflict navigation tool

Probably everyone reading this blog heard about the User Story. But how many people here have actually read Mike Cohn’s "User Stories Applied"? Not so many hads in the air I see… It might be one of the most misunderstood agile practices, so let’s begin by saying what exactly is this thing.

Product Canvas – from idea to a software product

The path leading to a quote can be frustrating - lots of emails, phone calls, meetings, descriptions and in the end you have to create project documentation because no one can understand you. Even worse, you can't compare the offers, because all have different assumptions.

Several facts and myths about Agile

As a manager supporting the work of organizations and teams (for instance, Scrum Master), on a daily basis you make decisions in a complex environment. You have little time, many decisions are taken by you as a ‘hunch’, without access to thorough information, data, analyses. You rely on the circulating opinions and theses. What if they are wrong?

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