AwiftAPI iOS library

Explore SwiftAPI – XSolve’s Open Source iOS Networking Library

Nowadays, almost every mobile application connects to a server in order to exchange data. This is a key consideration at the beginning of any project: the developer must decide whether to write a native manager, which app will use to connect with API or opt for one of the heavy libraries and use a small percentage of its capabilities. We decided to create our own library and after over two months of work, finally, we can introduce SwiftAPI, our first iOS library.

NaviParking – Case Story of Smart City App

How to make a city smarter? We know! Learn how we’ve helped to develop a mobile application for a growing startup that has released an iOS app to make your city life enjoyable and friendly.

Swift VS Objective-C. iOS Developers Clash.

Some iOS Developers prefer Swift, some deal with Objective-C. What reasons do they have to be for one language against the other? What are the pros and cons? And how can programmers help each other to build the best apps possible in the most efficient way? XSolve set two iOS developers on the ring and let them fight. So, let’s start the clash!

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