Software outsourcing as a predictable investment

Software development outsourcing is an investment that requires your money, time and effort to save your money, time and effort as a result. That's why we must treat it as activity which is expected to deliver predictable benefits.

Why NOT to outsource software development?

Outsourcing software development and software services is a great opportunity to scale business, provide high-quality software faster, and focus on core elements of the business instead of developing tools supporting it. But not always.

A close-knit dev team or a bunch of random singles?

Once the decision to outsource is made, you are confronted with another choice: to opt for an already existing team or rather choose individual developers from the stock resources of suppliers and complete your custom team?

The recipe for choosing the right Dev Team

When you decide to outsource your software development, you might be not sure how to set up your dedicated team of developers or how important it is to do it well. This article explains the topic basing on our experience with over 100 completed projects and is meant to help you take the right decisions.

8 tips on how to choose the right development team

When building your software product in outsourcing model you are dependent on how the team will realize your goals, intentions and processes. For some time you will be very close with them,  like two hands forming new things. Therefore, this article will help you to select the proper team.

Five tasty tips for outsourcing with Scrum

Here are some titbits taken out from our guide concerning outsourcing in Scrum. Enjoy and dig deeper! 

How to cooperate in outsourced Scrum?

Properly built cooperation is an important factor in achieving dedicated business goals, so it’s important to find the right way of cooperation. But how to? Here are some advices.

How to outsource Scrum projects – our free e-book!

Why outsource at all, why Scrum and how to find a perfect candidate to do the job?

Why is cheap outsourcing a thing of the past?

As a company who lives from outsourcing, we're never going to be threatened by cheap versions of our services. There's quality and quantity. There's awareness of business value and there's making shortcuts. We haven't played that ball yet, and we're not about to start.

How does Scrum Team work? A biology metaphor

Scrum Team is the logical consequence of Scrum processes, rules, and opportunities. How does it work? How does it create a software product and why is its quality so dependent on relations between people?

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