PHP Saleseforce Integration

How to integrate Salesforce REST API with PHP? Open-source library

In the recent months, we had an influx of clients asking us if it is possible to outsource a project to us putting a special emphasis on integration with the globally recognized Salesforce CRM system used by them. Obviously, we’re not afraid of challenges and this kind of integration is not a problem for us; however, we’ve noticed that the existing PHP solutions do not meet our standards as they have been written in technologies which have simply become obsolete.

EZYcount Swiss SaaS – Case Story

Switzerland-based EZYcount is a B2B web accounting system accessible anytime and anywhere with mobile devices. It’s dedicated for small companies, start-ups, and individuals. The Client’s goal is to provide the easiest accounting system for the best price. Interested how we helped?

Corel Discovery Center – Case Story

Corel Corporation is a Canadian software company specializing in graphics processing. It is known for producing titles such as CorelDRAW. Corel reached us to build an application that helps users learn how to use Corel software products, and thanks to that, to enhance usability, improve conversion and gain more amateurs of graphic designing.

ShowbizModels – fancy app for world-wide modeling agency

We've just released technically stable application that can be scaled. This application is fast and enables quick actions. With technical, UX and design changes, Client noticed an increase in the number of registered users. It is a huge advantage and brings about business values. 

How to speed up Magento?

Magento is one of the most popular PHP free e-commerce engines available on the market. It’s designed to handle and manage almost all of the common issues and features purposed for online shops, and just because of that Magento has become a really huge, heavy, and slow tool. How to speed up this engine?

Special e-commerce for special business

Some software development houses seem to follow a vision that the only person who sees the Client and their environment is a sales person or a project manager. They seem to think it’s more convenient to hide their actual development teams from Clients’ eyes. For us, to conceal how we work and who we really are is a dead-end road.

Full text searching in Symfony2

Generally, while working with simple search engines programmers have to anticipate issues involving users’ typos and mistakes. In this article I would like to present, compare and contrast three main types of full text searching in MySQL database – LIKE, SOUNDEX and MATCH AGAINST as these methods are some of the most popular solutions as well as they are readable and easy to implement.

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