How to create an agile office: 5 top tips for a growing company

A few years ago, the Norwegian telecom company Telenor decided to invest in a strange experiment. They got rid of hundreds of coffee machines, leaving just one for every 120 employees and expanded their cafeteria areas to accommodate more people. Surprisingly, despite the huge costs of the capital investment this experiment yielded a 20% increase in profits, a whopping $200 million.

DevDash logotype

DevDash – Software Project Dashboard

XSolve has decided to create a tool called DevDash, which is a software project dashboard. This is a fast and simple way to gather all data that make your work in a software project easy, transparent and efficient.

NaviParking – Case Story of Smart City App

How to make a city smarter? We know! Learn how we’ve helped to develop a mobile application for a growing startup that has released an iOS app to make your city life enjoyable and friendly.

EZYcount Swiss SaaS – Case Story

Switzerland-based EZYcount is a B2B web accounting system accessible anytime and anywhere with mobile devices. It’s dedicated for small companies, start-ups, and individuals. The Client’s goal is to provide the easiest accounting system for the best price. Interested how we helped?

Corel Discovery Center – Case Story

Corel Corporation is a Canadian software company specializing in graphics processing. It is known for producing titles such as CorelDRAW. Corel reached us to build an application that helps users learn how to use Corel software products, and thanks to that, to enhance usability, improve conversion and gain more amateurs of graphic designing.

Five tasty tips for outsourcing with Scrum

Here are some titbits taken out from our guide concerning outsourcing in Scrum. Enjoy and dig deeper! 

ShowbizModels – fancy app for world-wide modeling agency

We've just released technically stable application that can be scaled. This application is fast and enables quick actions. With technical, UX and design changes, Client noticed an increase in the number of registered users. It is a huge advantage and brings about business values. 

How to cooperate in outsourced Scrum?

Properly built cooperation is an important factor in achieving dedicated business goals, so it’s important to find the right way of cooperation. But how to? Here are some advices.

How to outsource Scrum projects – our free e-book!

Why outsource at all, why Scrum and how to find a perfect candidate to do the job?

10 steps on How to implement Scrum in your company

Scrum is a framework for delivering value that requires a certain environment to manifest all of its benefits. Implementation of the method is neither quick, nor easy and as every investment it introduces some work and costs at the beginning. In order to get a proper revenue from it, you’d better take these 10 steps at least into consideration.

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