How to work better with GitFlow

In software development, version control is absolutely critical. Without a solid version control system, you’re just undermining all the hard work that goes into any development project.At XSolve, we’ve been using Git for version control for several years now.Having tested it in a variety of scenarios, including back-end and mobile apps, and thanks to our close collaboration with clients, we’ve developed our own best practice ways of working with Git.In this post, we’ll show you the standard Git-Flows we’ve created and now use as standard.

DevDash logotype

DevDash – Software Project Dashboard

XSolve has decided to create a tool called DevDash, which is a software project dashboard. This is a fast and simple way to gather all data that make your work in a software project easy, transparent and efficient.

Competence Matrix – how to make team skills visible?

Competence Matrix is a tool that helps decrease risk to the product by exposing competencies concentrated within one person and enabling the Development Team to act on increasing cross-functionality.

User Stories – a surprisingly handy conflict navigation tool

Probably everyone reading this blog heard about the User Story. But how many people here have actually read Mike Cohn’s "User Stories Applied"? Not so many hads in the air I see… It might be one of the most misunderstood agile practices, so let’s begin by saying what exactly is this thing.

Product Canvas – from idea to a software product

The path leading to a quote can be frustrating - lots of emails, phone calls, meetings, descriptions and in the end you have to create project documentation because no one can understand you. Even worse, you can't compare the offers, because all have different assumptions.

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