A personal recommendation from someone you trust can be the biggest factor when faced with a difficult purchasing decision. Imagine a friend saying to you, “Honestly, this is the best investment you can make. I have tried it out and this company excels at what they do.” You would probably feel convinced enough to at least get in touch with the recommended company and check them out.

Placing your web product in the hands of a software development company is definitely one of those hard purchasing decisions. Your product is one of your most valued assets. In fact, the chances are your whole business depends on it.


Choosing a software development partner can feel overwhelming. What if you could ask other CIO who they work with?

You have to be 100% sure that the people who will handle the development are reliable and trustworthy. You need to know that they have all the necessary technical skills and experience, plus a variety of soft skills, such as excellent communication and a creative approach to problem-solving.

Imagine being able to access personal, honest endorsements from experienced CIOs and IT Project Managers who have successfully completed their projects in collaboration with software outsourcing companies. Well, now you can do more than just imagine it.

In search of honest and vetted reviews

Clutch is a Washington-based B2B research company, which conducts qualitative surveys of organizations worldwide, including software development companies. Not only do they conduct in-depth conversations with CIOs and IT Project Managers but they also validate each project’s legitimacy, making sure you are reading reviews of real projects.

Top clutch companies – who they are

Following a series of interviews, Clutch specialists make a careful assessment based on several factors, such as the level of IT consulting, development services on offer, and the ability to deliver on client expectations. Their findings are available at Clutch.co website. Additionally, every year Clutch summarizes its findings and publishes a report titled, Top 25 IT Outsourcing Companies.

“Outsourcing has historically been a risky business, or at least that’s been the prevailing mentality for a lot of buyers. The important thing to remember is that reliable outsourcing partners do exist, but they can be challenging to find. This report aims to address that.”
– Joshua Margolin, Principal Analyst at Clutch

How is the Clutch ranking created?

To create a balanced and objective ranking Clutch analysts take into consideration the following trio of factors:

1. References and Review


A summary of a review from wholesale tire distributor for XSolve as featured on Clutch.

As mentioned before, client interviews are at the heart of the assessment process. The analysts take into consideration service and product quality, project cost (including congruence with estimates), ability to meet deadlines, and the client’s willingness to recommend the software company they worked with.

A breakdown of scoring on Clutch as featured on the XSolve review from TelSpan.

2. The Client

Clutch also assesses the company giving the review. They take into consideration the characteristics of the company’s clients and their share of the market, their experience in delivering complex projects and creating value, and finally the alignment between their stated services strategy and areas of focus.

Example: Review from Clutch - Takamol about XSolveTestimonials play main role for Clutch ranking

A detail from an interview with Development Manager from Takamol, who reviewed XSolve on Clutch.

3. Market Presence

Finally, Clutch looks into the company’s marketing presence, reputation and awards, as well as social media profile and activity.

 An example of such reviews can be found here.

This complex and thorough methodology makes any Clutch report a trustworthy source of valuable B2B information. The great benefit for anyone looking for their next software development partner is that the company ranking and review is not fixed forever (i.e. it relies on continued good performance) and it doesn’t depend on sponsorship fees.

The Top 25 IT Outsourcing Companies 2017 ranking

The companies listed in the latest report include: Eleks, QBurst, Clarion Technologies, Ciklum, Itransition, N-iX, PSL Corp., STX Next, Exadel, Practia, IT Craft, Intetics, 10Clouds, Qulix Systems, Netguru, XSolve, UruIT, Daxx, QArea, DevCom, Intellias, Belatrix Software, Savvycom Software, EffectiveSoft, and Huenei IT Services.

Read all our reviews on XSolve Clutch profile. The latest Top 25 IT Outsourcing Companies report from Clutch can be found here.

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