The latest Inc. 5000 (European edition) list – which ranks the fastest-growing private companies on the Old Continent – has been published. We are happy to announce that XSolve has been included in this year’s edition as one of the most dynamic businesses of Europe. It’s a perfect opportunity to share some numbers, isn’t it?

But first, a little context… Inc. Magazine began publishing this list 36 years ago, in 1982. At first, it was a list of 500 U.S. companies. Two and a half decades later, in 2007, the ranking was expanded to 5000, and eight years after that, a European version was. The list has changed but its goal remains the same: to show the world the fastest-growing private companies.

It is no coincidence that XSolve has been ranked in the Inc. 5000. We’ve come a long way since our beginnings, 13 years ago. Over the last few years, the company has accelerated and grown rapidly, both on the financial and organizational fronts. How have these past few years been for us here at XSolve?

XSolve in numbers

The last three years have been a breakthrough for us with the company experiencing rapid growth regarding revenue. In 2015, XSolve’s revenue was 6,141,000 PLN. Two years later, revenue reached a level of 14,633,000 PLN, a 238% increase – in just 24 months the company doubled its revenue! And to be honest, its costs too. But still, in 2017 XSolve was able to secure a net profit of 846,000 PLN, which was 16 times more than in 2015.

Along with the rapid revenue increase came high costs. XSolve started recruiting new employees and, in 2017, invested in a new HQ in Gliwice.

>>Check out how our award-winning HQ office looks now.

Despite these investments, which saw our costs skyrocket, the company maintained its profitability, proving that XSolve has a stable and predictable business model.

XSolvers in numbers

The greatest asset of any company is its employees. The self-organizing teams, consisting of highly skilled IT professionals focused on cooperation, are the Xsolve’s treasure. In last few years, we have been able to invite across our modest threshold exceptional individuals and build alongside them a highly efficient organization.

In just five years, we more than doubled the number of XSolvers. However, it wasn’t a sudden jump but instead a more organic growth, focused on incorporating people who would enjoy XSolve’s culture. Nevertheless, since 2013 we’ve been adding on average 12 people per year to our organization. Recruitment has accelerated significantly since 2015, since when an average of 18 new XSolvers per year have joined the company.


What is the current employment structure at XSolve? By the end of 2017, 73% of our staff were developers, and this percentage hasn’t changed much since 2015:

At this point, XSolve has 61 devs and counting (we are still recruiting), 8 QAs and 8 Scrum Masters. The Business and People/Operations departments have 7 XSolvers each. And we also have four people in management team. This is what the XSolve team looks like:


How have we managed to hire so many IT professionals who are, at the same time, strong individualists and remain an efficient team focusing on collaboration? Our recipe includes three main ingredients: holacracy, the XSolve culture, and employee wellbeing and satisfaction.

The first ingredient is our approach to management. We introduced an innovative system called holacracy to XSolve, which helps us stay agile in our actions and at the same to maintain organizational efficiency.

>>Want to know more? Check our articles and ebook about how we work in a holacracy.

The second ingredient is our culture and values which also strengthen our efforts to be more agile, and help us meet business goals and client expectations. Our Agile Office is a physical manifestation of this approach.

And third is our approach to the happiness and job satisfaction of our people. You can read more about that in our article “How did we build a team where work satisfaction means your extra business value”.

All three ingredients (and many more) help us to attract new employees and create teams which work with and not next to each other to benefit our clients.

This is just the beginning of the journey

There you have it – XSolve in numbers, which show our growth path leading to the Inc. 5000 ranking and beyond. The last three years have been extraordinary for us. We have worked with amazing clients (61 in the past three years), and helped them build exceptional products. Thanks to partnerships with companies such as BlaBlaCar, Takamol, and Corel and many more, we have grown as a business and as an organization, and we continue to change and improve.

Let the journey continue!

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