Washington-based B2B research company Clutch has listed XSolve among fifteen Polish market leaders in web development for the third time.

Numerous quantitative and qualitative factors were taken into account before publishing this annual update about key players among software development companies. Clutch analysts gathered evidence of significant industry experience, evaluated related corporate digital properties, and conducted in-depth interviews with current and past clients.

On the list

“We are thrilled to be listed among the leading software houses in Poland for the third time in a row. It proves that our continues effort in nurturing talents as well as our passion for developing the highest quality web projects haven’t gone unnoticed by both, our clients and Clutch analysts.” – said Piotr Majchrzak, XSolve CEO. It is also worth to mention that at XSolve we pay great attention to company culture, which in my opinion, contributes to our success on European and American markets.”

Short portfolio

In 2016 XSolve delivered a number of high profile projects for clients such as BlaBlaCar (France), Holiday Taxis (UK), Agnitio (Denmark), Ezycount (Switzerland), Slimpay (France), Telspan (USA), and ResponseConcepts (Holland). Read this in-depth case study to find out how XSolved helped BlaBlaCar achieve its products objectives.

“That Poland has some of the most talented developers and technologists in Eastern Europe is not all that surprising,” said Joshua Margolin, Principal Analyst at Clutch. “More surprising is how rapidly companies in the region are advancing in terms of cultural alignment with a Western clientele.”

Get in touch to find out how XSolve can help your company.

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