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XSolve and Chilid, two sister companies working under one roof and cooperating on a regular basis, have become Boldare.

Boldare offers the best of XSolve and Chilid: human centered digital products, with stable and secure software.

Boldare capitalizes on XSolve and Chilid’s 14 years of experience, the 250 products they released to market for clients worldwide, and the skills of the 130-people-strong team they employed.

Boldare is a digital product design and development company and a guide on the digital transformation journey.


Why we merged?

Because 1 + 1 = 3

Discover the story of human-centered software development.

Discover the story of Boldare.

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XSolve and Chilid have merged to become Boldare, a digital product design and development company.

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1 + 1 = 3

Discover the story of Boldare and learn more about our merger.

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case study BlaBlaCar

How to deal with rapid growth and aggressive expansion when your development team is not big enough?

case study BlaBlaCar


Carpooling/ Travel

model / length

Scrum / 18 months


9 Software & Quality Engineers

Executive Summary

BlaBlaCar wanted to expand quickly to 27 markets around the globe but needed to extend their development teams to achieve this goal. While building their second development center in Warsaw, Christian Jennewein, Head of Engineering at BlaBlaCar decided to turn to XSolve to save on time. XSolve provided a self-organizing remote development team, which became a seamless part of the BlaBlaCar operation for a year and a half. BlaBlaCar continued to recruit, train and build their in-house Warsaw team while successfully gaining dominance in the targeted markets.

BlaBlaCar wished to share their carpooling journey with us, and we gladly joined this ride. XSolve was compatible with BlaBlaCar not only in the aspect of technology but also in terms of organizational culture, values, and cooperation practice.

What we did

blablacar case car

“It is very likely that we'd choose XSolve again if found in a similar situation. XSolve is definitely worth the money."

Christian Jennewein

Head of Engineering at BlaBlaCar


BlaBlaCar, a unicorn startup from Paris, is one of the most successful tech companies in Europe, connecting drivers who have empty seats in their cars with passengers who want to travel to the same destination.

Bla Bla Car case study dedicated development team

“Thanks to our good connections to the Polish tech community, we quickly identified XSolve as a promising and capable partner we might be able to hire. Their customer-focused, Agile approach inspired us, and we found that we shared a common mindset."

blablacar case mobile app 1
blablacar case mobile app


The client is experiencing a rapid growth and their in-house team is not enough.

• BlaBlaCar approached XSolve, looking for help with their next stage of rapid growth.

• They wanted to expand quickly into 27 markets around the world, gaining a competitive advantage over other travel/carpooling app contenders.

• BlaBlaCar needed an agile, self-organizing development team to start working on the new features necessary to make the app truly competitive.

• BlaBlaCar chose Warsaw as their second development hub. They knew that it would take time build their new Poland-based development team: time to recruit, time to onboard and train, time to form a high-performing team with all the skills necessary.

• Despite substantial financial resources, time was the one thing they didn’t have if they wanted to become the leading provider in their chosen geographical regions.

• While recruiting the developers for their Warsaw office, they decided to turn to outsourcing in order not to waste time.


blablacar case car

We found that working remotely in Gliwice and our frequent exchanges are actually a real time/cost factor. I truly enjoyed working with xsolve throughout the collaboration.”

Christian Jennewein

Head of Engineering at BlaBlaCar

blablacar case conf


A fully self-organized and mature Scrum development team with a good understanding of the product.

• XSolve provided BlaBlaCar with a full development team (designer, backend and frontend developers, QA, DevOps and a Scrum Master). 

• The project kicked off within two weeks from the first contact with XSolve.

• The XSolve development team had worked together on past projects and thus were able to skip quickly to norming and performing stages.

• A two week on-boarding in Paris allowed for a good understanding of the complex product they were building but also the company structure, culture, and processes.

• The XSolve team became part of Tribe Satisfy alongside their Parisian BlaBlaCar colleagues. 

• Frequent visits between Paris and Gliwice allowed the forming of personal bonds; people from BlaBlaCar and XSolve got to know each other’s working styles, which made the collaboration smoother. 

• Working in the Scrum framework helped to improve the team’s performance with every sprint.

• BlaBlaCar and XSolve worked together for 1 year and 6 months.

• Main technology:

• Other technologies used by the XSolve team while developing the product:

JavaScript, ReactJS

Android, Java

iOS, Swift, Objective-C

blablacar case nikolas

“I was lucky to work with these guys for almost a year. They were very professional from the beginning to the very last day.”

Nicolas Renon

Lead Engineer at BlaBlaCar


Achieving business goals while building a new in-house development team.

• BlaBlaCar became the market leader in their selected markets, achieving their business objective.

• Membership numbers grew from 25 to 35 million users during the collaboration. 

• During this time, BlaBlaCar recruited 20 developers to their Warsaw office and was able to fully onboard and train them, as well as form teams. 

• BlaBlaCar Warsaw took over the development of the product, as planned. 

If your company is experiencing rapid growth but your in-house development team cannot cope with the workload, there are still ways to achieve your business goals. Reach out to us and find out how XSolve can help.


Reach out to us...

...and find out how XSolve can help!

When a company is growing it needs larger teams who can reach high performance quickly. Contact us and let’s discuss your needs.

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