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XSolve and Chilid, two sister companies working under one roof and cooperating on a regular basis, have become Boldare.

Boldare offers the best of XSolve and Chilid: human centered digital products, with stable and secure software.

Boldare capitalizes on XSolve and Chilid’s 14 years of experience, the 250 products they released to market for clients worldwide, and the skills of the 130-people-strong team they employed.

Boldare is a digital product design and development company and a guide on the digital transformation journey.


Why we merged?

Because 1 + 1 = 3

Discover the story of human-centered software development.

Discover the story of Boldare.

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XSolve and Chilid have merged to become Boldare, a digital product design and development company.

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1 + 1 = 3

Discover the story of Boldare and learn more about our merger.

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Custom Software Development

At some stage of every company’s development, it is necessary to implement a system to automatize its functioning and solve complex problems. The systems include CRM, CMS, and WMS.

Depending on the level of complexity of the process being automated, one option is to adopt one of the various ready-made solutions available on the market. Using one of these off-the-shelf solutions usually involves adjusting your requirements to the limitations of the system.

However, it often happens that your needs are much more demanding. In such circumstances, you can have your software made from scratch, designed to suit your requirements perfectly.

XSolve will provide you with customized software tailored to the needs of your users and your company.

Web applications

We create:


e-commerce platforms


B2B and B2C systems


process automation systems


e-learning platforms


business intelligence software


bespoke software systems

Our teams build custom software adjusted to your needs based on the SPA (Single Page Application) model. Thanks to the SPA model, users don’t have to repeatedly reload pages which significantly improves the user experience of your app.
Our teams build custom software adjusted to your needs.

Machine Learning Solutions

We implement advanced Machine Learning models which, among many things, can automate content moderation, cluster your clients database, recognize selected objects on photos or predict your company's profit in the upcoming year.

Depending on your requirements our teams will craft a solution based on Amazon Machine Learning or Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. We also prepare data and iteratively develop custom Machine Learning models to perfectly suit your needs.

Read how we helped our client speed up e-commerce content moderation with Machine Learning.

Why we trust XSolve

We’re a part of your organization

You can count on our support from the very first time that we get in touch. We want to know your vision of the system, your business goals, your users and their needs. This is important to us as we always get deeply involved in each software product we develop. Our teams become a part of your organization, which is why the systems we create meet your requirements precisely.

We’re agile

We work using the Scrum framework, so you can constantly test the system as well as adapt and modify your requirements and functionalities. After each Sprint (usually 1 to 4-week period) you’ll receive a part of the working software and a progress report. We’re totally transparent, so you always know how your changes affect the timeline and budget of the project. You have complete freedom to change your requirements and, unlike in the case of the waterfall development model, you don’t have to design the whole system at the very beginning.

We’re quality-focused

Every system that we create is tested to ensure the highest quality. This occurs at every stage of development and we run both automated and manual tests. That’s why your custom software not only suits your needs but is also incredibly reliable.

We’re experienced

We’ve been active on the market for over 13 years and we’ve created 164 products for our clients so far. The software that we’ve developed has proven to function with a high level of reliability and continues to bring benefits to users in many countries in Europe, Asia, and North America.

We’re cost-effective

Our teams consist of developers who have worked together for a minimum of two years, so they are much more effective than developers who are new to each other. A high level of flexible teamwork allows us to optimize the costs of the projects by running them in such a way that a properly functioning system is delivered to you more rapidly.


To develop our apps we use modern and continuously-developing programming languages.

With custom-developed software, the processes in your company can be handled in a way that’s exactly suited to your needs. Our automation solutions are easily integrated with other products that you already have and use.


If you need a software development for hire, write to us straight away and find out what our experts can do for your project.

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