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Outsource your software development

Business programming projects are all about scalability and sooner or later you’ll probably need to hire a software development team. After all, when your company is growing, you need a larger team for larger projects and the efficient option is often to look outside for talent. We can provide you with dedicated development teams that will complement or expand the capabilities of your current people.

Scope of possibilites

We work using Agile methodologies and all our people are highly experienced in working with Scrum or Kanban. We know that in the case of really complex projects, the scope can be diverse and often changes as the project develops. With XSolve, whether it’s two or twenty developers, you’re guaranteed a dedicated Agile team suited to the product and current scale of your development project.

While working on a product, an XSolve team is exclusively dedicated to tasks which are connected with that project only.

Teams' Structure

Our primary goal is to provide our clients with top-quality software tailored to their requirements.

To achieve that end, we want you to treat our developers as an actual element of your own team. Through better and closer collaboration, we aim to enrich your projects, adding our specialist competences and professional values.

Agile software development teams can have various structures

There are the people that can join your team:

Backend Developers

responsible for deep coding of apps and systems


Frontend Developers

development of user interfaces, ensuring an easy and fully functional user experience


Graphic Designers

specialists in the design of your app’s components


Quality Assurance Engineers

manually testing your software before it’s seen by your users

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Scrum Master

overarching support of the project process, ensuring all your deadlines are met and helping the development team function at maximum effectiveness


Product Owner

the person who knows your perspective best and represents your ideas in the team on a daily basis; the guardian of your product vision (including the KPIs) who also prioritizes practical planning for the whole team

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  We can fill any or all of the above roles or you can nominate someone from your own team. However we proceed, our priority is to seamlessly integrate all the team elements when it comes to the product and the project. With that in mind, we meet every day, reviewing progress so far and looking ahead to the next steps, and using that picture to deliver all elements of a sprint on time.

Sales models

To help you make a full use of our development teams’ resources and opportunities, we offer two alternative software development team sales models:

This is the most popular method of providing development services when a dedicated Agile team is hired. In this model, you take the material (the team) for a specific period of time to complete the tasks and assignments related to the project. It’s also one of the easiest models of cooperation.

In some cases, it’s more convenient for a client to account for each sprint separately. This model allows you to easily plan for projects and their development, dividing them into smaller process chunks – the ‘sprints’ – which are usually one to four weeks long.


The teams that you can hire from us consist of first-class specialists providing top-notch products to highly efficient timescales. We specialize in state-of-the-art technologies and programming languages. Below, you will find the most important technologies we covered at XSolve.

Soft competences

XSolve software developers are open-minded, well-educated (also fluent in spoken and written English), and know the value of clear and close communication with clients and business partners. Our dedicated development teams work well with startups, growing and enterprise companies.

We have 13 years’ experience, 100 specialist professionals available, and are committed to quality products and services, delivered on time and within the agree budget. In brief, we aim to fulfil and then exceed your expectations.

Companies like BOSCH, Corel Corporation or BlaBlaCar already know how efficiently our design and software teams can perform.


Transparency, no hidden costs


Access to highly IT experts due to an excellent academic environment


Clear reporting

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The ability to grow and keep talented resources


Straightforward business structures


Good communications and collaboration


If you need a software development for hire, write to us straight away and find out what our experts can do for your project.

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