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XSolve and Chilid, two sister companies working under one roof and cooperating on a regular basis, have become Boldare.

Boldare offers the best of XSolve and Chilid: human centered digital products, with stable and secure software.

Boldare capitalizes on XSolve and Chilid’s 14 years of experience, the 250 products they released to market for clients worldwide, and the skills of the 130-people-strong team they employed.

Boldare is a digital product design and development company and a guide on the digital transformation journey.


Why we merged?

Because 1 + 1 = 3

Discover the story of human-centered software development.

Discover the story of Boldare.

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XSolve and Chilid have merged to become Boldare, a digital product design and development company.

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1 + 1 = 3

Discover the story of Boldare and learn more about our merger.

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Software Development Outsourcing - dedicated teams for your projects

XSolve has been established to help your company solve business problems through software development. However, we believe that there is no quality software without an exceptional team behind it.
This is why our dedicated teams consist of highly experienced developers ready to focus on your project and provide top-notch development to realize your business vision.

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Our dedicated software
development team

We have built our development teams with the care to achieve ultimate goal - the best development process and top-notch software quality for our customers. This is why our dedicated teams consist of experienced programmers and IT specialists who have been working together in the past resolving business problems of our partners by crafting excellent software.

We strongly value your time and business needs that is why our teams work following the agile software development principles and the lean startup approach to deliver an increment on the fast pace. Thanks to this approach our teams can provide a first working version of your product within a few weeks.

It wouldn't be possible without a strong focus on gaining and giving feedback which helps our teams to iterate often. Unlike other custom software development companies, our experienced scrum teams will not only code for you and build your product but also will advise you on every step of the full development cycle and beyond.

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Our structure

XSolve's dedicated teams are formed in the way which maximizes the efficiency of a development process. They consist of skilled front-end and back-end developers as well as of QA E ngineers, Product Designers, and Scrum Master. This comprehensive set of cooperating with each other specialists assures the highest standard of software.


Backend Developers

Backend developers use their extensive knowledge and years of practice in Java, PHP, NodeJS, and Symfony to provide the best quality result. They are responsible for in-depth coding of apps and systems to ensure a flawless digital product.


Product Designers

Graphic Designers are an integral part of our dedicated teams. Thanks to their exceptional skills, they are regular winners in contests such as Awwwards and the Indigo Design Awards. Our teams offer comprehensive experience and integral processes covering all stages of software development.


Scrum Master

The Scrum Master is here to ensure that our dedicated teams are well-balanced and consist of people ready to cooperate to achieve your business goals. The Scrum Master is also the guardian of the process, compliant with the Agile Manifesto, which ensures the regular delivery of increments at a rapid pace.


Frontend Developers

Frontend developers make sure that the client's product works and looks as intended. To assure the best quality, our programmers use JavaScript, AngularJS, and ReactJS and related frameworks and libraries.


Quality Assurance Engineers

Quality Assurance Engineers are an essential part of our teams. Thanks to their expertise we can assure the highest quality of code regarding security and stability. QAs design and conduct all sorts of necessary tests to make sure that the software we develop is flawless.


Product Owner

The Product Owner makes sure that all business requirements are correctly transmitted to the team. They are responsible for the correct understanding of business goals by the team as well as for proper prioritization of the product backlog.

Solutions and methodology
of our developers team

Our teams are committed to delivering the best software possible.
To achieve that they use well-proven methods and highly efficient tools to deliver the full development process which includes:


Business process

To fully understand your needs we use the lean startup framework as a canvas, impact mapping, and event storming workshops as tools which help us to know your business better.


Development process

In the process of delivering software which will solve your problems, we use mood boards, lean product vision workshops and other methods and tools which assure a positive outcome.


Quality process

We want to deliver the best software and this is why we pay extra attention to quality assurance. Code reviews, tests, a definition of done, continuous integration, continuous delivery - those are our standards.


Management process

To make sure that everything is on track with your project we use Scrum and Kanban to track progress and deliver increments.


Communication process

At XSolve we support full transparency, and we provide adequate tools like Slack and Confluence. We also believe that there is no reason for a proxy between the Product Owner and the dedicated team, and that is why we don't have Project Managers.

The technologies we
are using

The dedicated teams that you can hire are comfortable working with both frontend and backend technologies and meet the highest standards of the development process. Teams consist of first-class developers providing top-notch products to highly efficient timescales. We’ve built dedicated software for a variety of business industries including finance, energy, e-commerce, pharmaceutical, hosting, automotive, television, marketing, education, publishing, power tools, and dinnerware.


You can hire a team to develop the backend of your application or API which will support the frontend interfaces of your app or website regarding content management. It will also help to integrate your application with third party systems such as two-factor authentication, or payment gateways.







Thanks to the synergy between the Front-End Developers and Graphic Designers our teams design and develop dedicated responsive web apps that work across devices. Our unique approach not only works but also has been recognized in the form of design & frontend awards, which is tremendously motivating.

Angular JS

React JS


Why you should outsource
your software development?

Outsourcing software development can solve numerous problems
which your business may face. The most crucial are:

  • Lack of an experienced in-house team. When your project requires specific know-how and your in-house teams are struggling, you may consider outsourcing the project to an external company which can provide more experience and expertise. Our teams know how to deliver sophisticated solutions to our partners. One example is our cooperation with BlaBlaCar, in which this French unicorn had to scale their app fast to meet market demand but hadn't the programmers with necessary experience. XSolve helped BlaBlaCar to achieve their business goal.
  • Time is another factor to consider. When your project has to be delivered quickly, finding a reliable partner might be the right decision to make. XSolve has a strong track record of working on time-sensitive projects. We delivered an MVP of an e-commerce platform for Takamol in just six weeks.
  • Another sensitive matter is the cost related to such projects. Recruiting and training new developers, especially for short-term one projects, is expensive and time-consuming. Hiring an external provider already set up and ready to work can help you meet your budget. Especially when you consider that hourly rates for offshore outsourcing are considerably lower than for nearshore. According to an Accenture report, the hourly rate for a senior developer from CEE is around $45 – $50.
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Our outsourcing articles

Business programming projects are all about scalability and sooner
or later you’ll probably need to hire a software development team.

How you can hire our best
development team?

Do you want to start a project, hire a development team or simply
have a question? Leave us a message.


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