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Our cross-functional teams have been playing key role in speeding up software development of more than 85 products

Dedicated Development Team

BlaBlaCar, a Unicorn from Paris, is one of the fastest-growing startups in Europe that connects drivers who have empty seats in their cars with passengers who want to travel to the same place. BlaBlaCar wanted to expand quickly to 27 markets around the globe but needed to extend their development teams to achieve this goal.

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e-Commerce Platform

Takamol Holding is a government owned private company, which empowers small and medium-sized businesses in Saudi Arabia. When Takamol approached XSolve they had just six weeks to build an MVP of an e-commerce platform. The deadline had to be met in order to validate the idea with investors and secure funding for the full-scale product.

Smart Payments platform

SlimPay offers a Smart Recurring Payments platform that allows companies of all size to reduce churn and get paid faster with Direct Debit. SlimPay handles SEPA Direct Debit in 34 countries in Europe.
On top of recurring payments processing, SlimPay provides a state-of-the-art intelligent screening algorithm to prevent fraud and lower risk for merchants, as well as credit card processing and electronic signature service.

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Bespoke B2B E-commerce

PSO company brings together the largest distributors of tires from all over Poland.
For more than four years our Development Teams have supported growth by designing, building and maintaining a tailor made e-commerce system and web platform that brings drivers the ability to find and book auto services that can handle the replacement and maintenance of tires.

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E-learning platform

TelSpan provides solutions focused on remote communication for organizations offering various contents to their users, including videos, audios, and streaming.
TelSpan decided to work with us not only due to our Scrum-based professionalism and superb knowledge of technologies but also because of having similar values, work organization, and complex customer approach.

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Accounting Solution

Switzerland-based EZYcount is a B2B web accounting system accessible anytime and anywhere with mobile devices. It’s dedicated for small companies, start-ups, and individuals.
XSolve were responsible for building a professional web application that is scalable and built according to the professional rules of conduct software developement projects.


Housekeeping scheduling software

Iono View is the smartest solution in the Middle East and North Africa region for residential and commercial cleaning services. Easy and flexible online software for appointment scheduling and team management.

agnitio application on tablet

Closed Loop Marketing System

Danish company Agnitio is empowering life science industry with a tool that helps build meaningful customer relations.
Our three Development Teams have been responsible for building a multi-device CLM system that consists of Web, iOS and WindowsPhone apps.
We're super proud that our cooperation is leveled to the state where throughout two years we have never missed the deadline and have delivered software on-time in every release.

Years of co-operation
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Multi-Channel CMS

TVN is a major Polish commercial television network and a Warsaw Stock Exchange listed company.
Three of our Development Teams were responsible for building one of the TVN's key multi-channel Content Management System.


Multiple Applications

LeaseWeb is a global quality hosting provider with Data Centers in Europe, United States and Asia.
Since 2008 we've been supporting LeaseWeb tremendous growth with Development Teams that have worked on more than a dozen products that covered areas of e-commerce, self service center, server procurement and sales tools.

Years of cooperation
Flights to Amsterdam
Software Craftsmen
People with bills from Tauron

Multiple Applications

Tauron is the second largest energy company in Poland.
For more than four years we've been engaged in the development of products ranging from back-end outage management systems to applications for customer portals.
Tauron values agility of our Development Teams, the high engagement and on-time delivery.


Electronic Warranty System

Bosch is a German multinational engineering and electronics company headquartered in Gerlingen, near Stuttgart, Germany.
For over four years our Development Teams have been developing and maintaining the electronic warranty system for Bosch Power Tools that had been designed and developed from scratch by XSolve.



Viners is a United Kingdom brand of cutlery, kitchenware and dinnerware products, founded in 1901.
We've helped to bridge Viners products and heritage to new customers, fans and hobbyists online by recreating the e-commerce experience. Teamed up with Chilid Agency, our sister design company, our Development Teams have built a multi-device e-commerce platform that, among others, is integrated with warehouse and CRM systems.

Increase in conversion rate
Unique brands

High Traffic Knowledge Center

Corel Corporation is a Canadian software company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, specializing in graphics processing. It is known for producing software titles such as CorelDRAW.
We've been working for more than a year with Corel being responsible for the development of Discovery Center - a platform that helps Corel's products users to learn how to use products efficiently and to team up with others.

incampagnia website on tablet

Bespoke B2B/B2C E-commerce

InCampagna is a network of manufacturers direct selling Sicilian red oranges, fruits and vegetables from organic farming.
We have created from the ground up an e-commerce platform that aggregates farmers, their products and handles administration, logistics, warehousing, shipping and e-commerce.

Logistic solutions
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E-commerce, Warehousing, Logistics

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