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XSolve and Chilid, two sister companies working under one roof and cooperating on a regular basis, have become Boldare.

Boldare offers the best of XSolve and Chilid: human centered digital products, with stable and secure software.

Boldare capitalizes on XSolve and Chilid’s 14 years of experience, the 250 products they released to market for clients worldwide, and the skills of the 130-people-strong team they employed.

Boldare is a digital product design and development company and a guide on the digital transformation journey.


Why we merged?

Because 1 + 1 = 3

Discover the story of human-centered software development.

Discover the story of Boldare.

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XSolve and Chilid have merged to become Boldare, a digital product design and development company.

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1 + 1 = 3

Discover the story of Boldare and learn more about our merger.

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What we did

Our cross-functional teams have been playing key role in speeding up software development of more than 85 products

Months collaboration time
User satisfaction score
Size of Scrum Team

Customer Portal Web App

Sonnen had only a few months to develop an MVP of their Customer Portal. Their in-house development team was tied up with other products, and the deadline was too close to recruit.

Thousands of bookings made
Millions USD raised

Scalable Web App

This MVP has been tested on real users but was unscalable, unstable, and required new key features. Additionally, the app needed to be fully operational during the development.

More members
Milions of members

Dedicated Development Team

BlaBlaCar wanted to expand quickly to 27 markets around the globe but needed to extend their development teams to achieve this goal.

e-Commerce Platform

When Takamol approached XSolve they had just 6 weeks to build an MVP of an e-commerce platform to secure funding for the full-scale product.

Smart Payments platform

Struggling to recruit top talent on their home turf in France, a fintech giant SlimPay turned to XSolve to extend their development team to build a SPA.

Bespoke B2B E-commerce

For over 4 years our development team has been supporting the Client's growth by building and maintaining a tailor made e-commerce.

Accounting Solution

The Client turned to XSolve to build a scalable web application for Swiss B2B web accounting startup.

Closed Loop Marketing System

Our 3 development teams have been responsible for building a CLM system that consists of Web, iOS and WindowsPhone apps for a Danish company.

Multi-Channel CMS

Out 3 Development Teams were responsible for building a multi-channel Content Management System for a major Polish commercial television network.

Multiple Applications

Our development teams worked on 6 products covering areas of e-commerce, self service centre, server procurement and sales for a global hosting provider.

Multiple Applications

For over 4 years XSolve has development products ranging from back-end outage management systems to customer portal for the second largest energy provider in Poland.

Electronic Warranty System

Our Development Teams developed and maintained an electronic warranty system for Bosch Power Tools.


We've helped to bridge Viners products to new customers, fans and hobbyists by recreating an e-commerce experience integrated with warehouse and CRM systems.

High Traffic Knowledge Center

Our team was responsible for the development of Discovery Centre - a platform that helps their customers to learn how to use products efficiently.

Bespoke B2B/B2C E-commerce

We created an e-commerce platform that aggregates farmers, their products and handles administration, logistics, warehousing, shipping and sales.

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